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Best of Cruelty-Free Beauty 2017: Prize Recap and Honorable Mentions

FOUR DAYS until the Cruelty-Free Competition for 2017 is over!! Remember! Even a comment or share on this post will get you another entry for a prize! The giveaways are racking up!! Get as many entries as you can!!!

Prize Recap

1. Drunk Elephant’s “The Littles”, $84 Value 

The Littles“Dying to try Drunk Elephant but wanted samples first? Can’t leave home without D.E. but prefer travel size? Introducing The Littles™, a set of D.E.’s 7 core essentials to nourish, balance, and reset skin to a healthy state. Ideal for every skin type and tone, including the most sensitive. Just try, fall drunk in love and repeat!”

2. Crystal Body Deodorant, $7 Value

Crystal Body Deodorant


“Crystal is the world’s leading natural mineral salt deodorant. It works to prevent odor while other products attempt to mask it or plug pores with harsh chemicals like aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium. Crystal is a hypoallergenic deodorant that is safe, healthy, and totally effective.”


3. Zeeta Body’s 2oz Exhilarating Eucalyptus Essential Oil, $13 Value

Eucalyptus Oil


“We love the smell of eucalyptus! Our perfectly proportioned mix of our Signature Blend base and pure, therapeutic grade Eucalyptus essential oil help invigorate and moisturize.


Open up your air channels and revitalize your tired muscles and mind!”




4. BeautyCounter’s Rejuvenating Radiance Serum, $63 Value

“Our Rejuvenating Radiance Serum helps even the look of skin tone, improve hydration, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles thanks to a combination of vitamin C, mixed fruit acid complex, and algae and marine extract. Lightweight and easily absorbed, the formula is a must for layering under your moisturizer.”Rejuvenating serum

5. eSalon’s Perfect Ending Leave-In Conditioner”, $15 Value

eSalon Leave In

“Lightweight nourishment…protects color…breezes through tangles, fights frizz and provides all-day hydration. Ideal for all hair types.”


Honorable Mentions

Makeup Remover

If I was going to cheat on coconut oil, it would be with echinacea…The Farmacy brand markets themselves as “Farm To Face”, and they have the best makeup remover I’ve sampled. If it weren’t for it’s $34 price tag (I literally use $5 coconut oil), “Green Clean” would be a staple in my medicine cabinet. At least I can spend all of 2018 trying other Farmacy products for next year’s reviews!!!!


Nails Nail Polish

Smith & Cult is my luxury brand of pedicure choices…I would’ve killed to give out an $18 pot (yes, they come in adorable little glass pots) to a lucky reader. Unfortunately, they were plum out of gifts and high res art this year. So disappointing.

As for the in-salon choice for Gel colors, I would look to Gelish. To be perfectly honest with you, I haven’t acquainted myself with other in-salon brands…Gelish is the only one I recognize. And since I’d rather go natural nail than with a tested brand 😨…if they don’t have Gelish, I’m out. I know I have a lot of nail gurus out there!!! Educate me on more salon friendly nail brands in the comments!

Honorable Mentions: Full Product Lines


Much like Smashbox got its start, Milk was originally a fashion and art studio. They have a prominent presence in Sephora, and I had so much fun playing with the samples on site. I really wanted to promote their brand, especially for the fun face “tattoos” and highlighter sticks. But I attempted to email customer service three times with this response, “We will get back to you within 24 hours during business hours. If you are reaching out on the weekend, you will hear from us Monday.” The first email was sent December 15th, 2017. They are the only brand that did not respond on ANY level. I did have one lovely conversation with a girl (when I called Milk myself), who sounded like an intern or someone new, and she instructed me to keep emailing. Although she was sweet, and it wasn’t her fault, I’m not a fan of poor customer service. If you say you will do something, you should do it. Especially when you are a new brand and there are far too many other options. Like Glossier or Silk Naturals!…more on that next year.


This brand is awesome. Totally opposite customer service experience…although they weren’t able to send any free gifts for my readers, they sent me an incredibly detailed “expert recommendation” based on a photo and short survey I filled out. Just shy of 1,000 words, the expert discussed in detail the best shade combinations, skincare suggestions, and product considerations in EVERY beauty category for me, personally. Return and shipping regulations were clear, and the option to purchase sample sets were available. I was assigned my own “shopper” and could contact her with any other questions or concerns. I probably could’ve called her and asked the best way to get Vapour on my Best list, but now I have another year to try all the products she recommended!! Even more fun for next year!


OMG, another favorite I just couldn’t leave out. Unfortunately, all of the Sephoras around me did not carry the Antonym line and I can’t (won’t) endorse a product I haven’t tried. This is probably good, as I’d spend all my hard earned yoga money on this Cruelty-Free, amazing customer service and organic (sometimes vegan) brand. Perfect time to order their blushes, shadows and eye pencils!!! (Bestsellers) Definitely on the list for next year!

Baked Blush Rose
Quattro Eyeshadow Noisette



Certified Natural Eye Pencil Noir


Giveaway Time!


All you have to do is one of four things. If you do all four, you’ll have four entries. 🙏🏻🎉

  1. Subscribe to my blog at the bottom right of any page. (Any email un-subscribing before January 31st, 2018, will be disqualified).
  2. …Comment on one of the beauty posts in the comments section. The more comments on different posts, the more times you will be entered! So check in daily. (Only one comment entry, per individual post)
  3. Share a beauty post with a friend, the social icons are below each article. Spread the good word about companies with integrity, and that’s instant Karma. (The best gift of all! :0) Leave me a message in the comments section below the share buttons, “I’ve shared this post with @….(handle and social site). Enter me for Cruelty-Free!”. This is another great way to get more than one entry…share more than one article! Not to mention the comment will get you another entry.
  4. Take a Selfie! Now this should be easy and fun. Take a selfie with your favorite Cruelty-Free product (doesn’t have to be health/beauty…I had to research the car wash soap I was using to make sure it was cruelty-free. Heads up, A LOT of them aren’t.) So here’s your chance to educate me! I’d love to highlight a product many people don’t know about yet…so if I haven’t heard of it, you get TWO entries per selfie. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@stacymalia7), Facebook (@stacymalia) or Twitter (@stacymalia). One entry, per one person, for every one selfie. The more separate selfies you post, the more entries!!!

Stay tuned and keep entering! It’s so much fun spreading the Cruelty-Free message…but even more fun when you win!!!

Love, light and Cruelty-Free Beauty Forever!

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