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Best Cruelty-Free Beauty 2017: At Home Hair Day!

Good or Bad News First?

If I may, I’d like to lead with the bad news. The giveaway isn’t ending today. 🙀 The good news? I’ve been hearing from so many AMAZING Cruelty-Free companies, (that would like to bestow gifts upon YOU 😃🎁), I’ve had to extend the contest until January 31st! The prizes are incredible! Brands like Red Apple Lipstick, Plume, Nikko, and Urban Decay are just a few examples. I’m so proud to support Cruelty-Free companies that have been more than generous with myself and my readers…more chances for you to comment, subscribe and indulge in selfies. (All ways to enter, exact rules are at the end of each CF Beauty post) I’m so excited! This must be what it feels like to trick a genie into unlimited wishes. Now let’s whip it and flip it…

Best At-Home Color



Fast-ish Facts:

How We Met: I met eSalon in one of those ads in between someone’s blog content. 👍 I was SUPER nervous…I know exactly how Samson felt, my power comes from my hair. I understand hair grows back, but I know I’m not the only person who has an emotional response to what happens to it. For myself, at-home brands in particular. When I was thirteen, I dyed my hair Bengal Tiger orange. No, this was not my intention. Yes, it scarred me for life. No, my parents were not happy about it. Yes, I was at an age where openly mocking another student for their hair choice was expected. If I’m not at a trusted CF Salon, the hair color aisle at any grocery or beauty store can be reminiscent of an uglier time.

What Sets eSalon Apart: The name says it all! No longer shall you see me wandering and ruminating through drugstore aisles, wondering “who’s Cruelty-Free?”. “What is the right shade amongst HUNDREDS of choices?”, “What if I want my money back, or have an allergic reaction?”, “I got out of the car for this????”

You simply click on eSalon’s homepage, set up an account, and proceed to fill out a profile. Questions include eye & skin color, ethnicity, percentage of grey, what style you hope to achieve…anything a colorist at a salon would need to know to create your perfect blend. You also submit a frontal face with hair photo, viewed by a licensed professional to further educate themselves. The shade is approved, the packaging and labeling is personalized with your name, date and formula I.D., then sent to “The ❤️ Machine”. This in-house creation takes all of the details of your formula and creates an infinite amount of color combinations for your hair. If you’ve received your first order, adjustments can be made according to your color preference…as if you were returning to the salon! Only this time, your “return” to the salon is having the mail carrier drop off your revised formula. So convenient!!

Does It Work?: At first, I was skeptical. The original formula was fine, but I wanted a different tone. NOT A PROBLEM. I left my personal colorist feedback, and was more than thrilled with the revisions made. There’s always a detailed listing of your order history, so you can see what was altered, on what date, and the new code of your updated formula. My favorite is the pie chart of color balance. Here’s a look into one of my orders so you get the idea:Custom Color Details

What’s Included?: The personalized packaging has detailed instructions for use…and you are addressed by first (and sometimes last) name in all of the directions. Your custom kit contains written instructions, a sticker to post your instructions on the wall or mirror, stain guard, stain remover, 2 sets of gloves (Amen!🙏), Heart Lock It Color Care Shampoo, and Love Unconditionally Color Care Conditioner. It goes without saying that your developer and custom color are tucked in the box too.

List of Ingredients: Find the list here. All are salon grade, so the color lasts and the look is professional.

Price Point: $$. It’s pricey if you compare it to the drugstore competition; but when you consider the money you’ll save on root touchups, all over coverage or basic highlights at the salon…it’s a budget find!!! 💰🤑 And if you still aren’t happy? There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products. It’s only $10 to try your first box set, so what have you got to lose?

Final Thoughts: I always appreciate a company with a clear and concise website. eSalon makes it easy to thoroughly read about their products and ingredients. Not only do you have a personalized, hard copy of written instructions, but the website addresses any concerns or questions you may have that weren’t addressed in your hard copy. And if the website doesn’t, their incredibly quick customer response team will get back to you within a business day. They also have a fantastic section called “Color Mastery”, which acts as a blog, containing “ tips and  articles created to inspire the color master within.” Please click the link and read about how to prolong your color, eSalon’s philanthropic missions, inspirations and anything else that satiates your color curiosity.

Homework Required

This goes without saying for any product…do your homework. I like to check in with Cruelty-Free Kitty or Leaping Bunny, as well as checking on the company’s website for reference. And unfortunately, just because something is vegan, does not mean it’s also Cruelty-Free. So never assume anything…companies use some creative marketing to swerve around the CF question. They also can change their policies on a whim, so just because NARS was CF last year…doesn’t mean they didn’t turn to the dark side this year.

After checking with the eSalon website, and a phone call with their client education manager, I did indeed confirm they are Cruelty-Free. The only feedback I have for the company is that their CF status should be a little more prominent and PROUD! At least a seal at the bottom of the webpage next to their “100% Happiness Guaranteed” insignia. People don’t want to dig around if they don’t have to, so why make them?

Giveaway Time!

As much as I’d love to send you a random box of color, just to see how that works out 🐯🐅, that’s a decision best left to you and your personal color master. BUT…I do want you to experience how awesome eSalon is! So today I’ll be gifting the “Perfect Ending Leave-In Conditioner”, valued at $15!!

“Lightweight nourishment…protects color…breezes through tangles, fights frizz and provides all-day hydration. Ideal for all hair types.”

eSalon Leave In

All you have to do is one of four things. If you do all four, you’ll have four entries. 🙏🏻🎉

  1. Subscribe to my blog at the bottom right of any page. (Any email un-subscribing before January 31st, 2018, will be disqualified).
  2. …Comment on one of the beauty posts in the comments section. The more comments on different posts, the more times you will be entered! So check in daily. (Only one comment entry, per individual post)
  3. Share a beauty post with a friend, the social icons are below each article. Spread the good word about companies with integrity, and that’s instant Karma. (The best gift of all! :0) Leave me a message in the comments section below the share buttons, “I’ve shared this post with @….(handle and social site). Enter me for Cruelty-Free!”. This is another great way to get more than one entry…share more than one article! Not to mention the comment will get you another entry.
  4. Take a Selfie! Now this should be easy and fun. Take a selfie with your favorite Cruelty-Free product (doesn’t have to be health/beauty…I had to research the car wash soap I was using to make sure it was cruelty-free. Heads up, A LOT of them aren’t.) So here’s your chance to educate me! I’d love to highlight a product many people don’t know about yet…so if I haven’t heard of it, you get TWO entries per selfie. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@stacymalia7), Facebook (@stacymalia) or Twitter (@stacymalia). One entry, per one person, for every one selfie. The more separate selfies you post, the more entries!!!

Stay tuned and keep entering! It’s so much fun spreading the cruelty-free message…but even more fun when you win!!!

Love, light and Cruelty-Free Beauty Forever!










  1. This is super neat!! Now my best friend is a hairstylist and she would be so mad if I dyed my own hair but trying this would be totally worth it lol!! I love the set up they have and that something is chosen just for you!

  2. I was about to touch up my roots at home but this seems like a MUCH better option. CF and much better quality. Thanks for spreading the word sista!

  3. I literally just was saying how I wish there was a reliable way to do my hair at home without having to buy drugstore dyes. I’m definitely looking more into this! It sounds awesome

    1. I tried the highlights too but I was so scared (prior junior high experience) I didn’t leave enough on or leave it in long enough. They’re going to send me another one so I can really give it a fair trial. Thanks for that plug! Gives me more confidence to give it a chance!!

  4. I color my hair at home (when I did so actively) because, my gosh it can get super expensive for me to do in a salon since my hair is so long, passed my butt. I think this would be a great option for me for sure.

    1. Ha! I was referring to the movie, as my life prior to my forties was similar (well, times that by 100). Once I’m done with my annual CF reviews, I’ll get more into the meat of why I named the site what I did. It gets pretty juicy!

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