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Best Cruelty-Free Beauty 2017: The Great Natural Deodorant Debate.


So simple, and yet so many of us get it wrong.

It could be something as easy as fixing your diet…I hear people complain about the utter failure of their deodorants while I can smell last night’s bucket of junk food and 5 gin martinis creeping out of their pours. As a hot yoga teacher, (I TEACH hot yoga, I’m not implying anything about my appearance) trust me when I say I can smell what you did last night. Your detoxification process gives me quite a bit of insight into your life without you saying a word.

Antiperspirants Are Bad

Sweat is a necessary part of being a healthy, functioning human. SO many reasons why it is necessary, some of which may not have crossed your mind. Without going into too much detail, antiperspirants create a gel seal that blocks sweat glands from releasing more sweat. WE NEED TO SWEAT. It maintains your body temperature, releases toxins, supports immune function, etc. Therefore, I won’t be including them in this post. We can certainly put a pin in it and talk about it later…especially if you consider yourself an “enthusiastic-sweater”. I have suggestions.

As A Reminder…

Always check with Ms. Kitty to see if the brands you choose are on the no-test list. Equally important to know the products to avoid.

This is a Cruelty-Free centric post, so while I’ve seen and read MANY debates on what constitutes “natural” ingredients, I’m focusing on the safety of our furry friends. And of course what worked for me and what didn’t.

Every post gives you the chance to win free beauty swag! Details to follow the four brands of deodorants I put to the test.

Crystal Body Deodorant

Crystal Body Deodorant


Fast Facts:  

How We Met: Through a friend. A very enthusiastic one. She was sure it would work out between us.

Ingredients: Mineral Salts

How Does It Work?: A thin layer of the salts on your skin will prevent bacterial growth, therefore controlling the smell.

Does It?: I thought so…but over 3,000 Amazon reviews are mixed. 66% were five-star, COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW WELL IT WORKED types. The stick really does last for a year. However; “Sad”, “No Bueno” and “this is a woman’s deodorant” are three examples of some not so impressed, and just a tiny bit sexist, one-star reviewers.

Con: Convenience. When you use the Crystal Stick, you have to get it wet enough to roll the salt on your skin…and even when you use the spray or bottled roll-on, it gets a little drippy. So, (if you’re using the Crystal Stick), you have to make sure you’re around a source of water. A girlfriend of mine suggested applying it right after a shower, drying everything but your armpits and keeping the rock itself dry. Genius. Another drawback is their website. It looks like a high school student was bored in detention and built a webpage. (That’s what kids do for fun these days, right?) In an age where millennials are the lead demographic, web design is not a great place to slack.

Would I Go Back?: The price is great (around $7 for 365 days), it worked for me, there’s no smell for my perfume to compete with, and I have a new-found way to apply it at home. I wouldn’t keep the Crystal Stick at the office, or take it to the gym, but the Crystal brand line carries towelettes for travel… which may change my stance on bringing the product outside the house.

Schmidt’s Deodorant

I REALLY wanted to like this brand. It’s just so cool. I mean, you scoop it out of a tiny glass jar with a mini spatula, warm it in your hands, and apply it to your pits like lotion. It has scents like Cedarwood and Juniper (clever!), Lavender and Sage (delightful!), Bergamot and Lime (did not try this one!). The packaging is hip, modern, and trendy. Who are these people? This is like the Brooklyn of deodorants. Then my spatula snapped in half, my left armpit broke out in a rash (Only the left. That’s weird, right?), and the contents of the jar disappeared pretty quick.



I then tried the Lavender and Sage Deodorant Stick, (I’m telling you, I really wanted to like these guys) and after the first few uses, I uncovered a layer of white chunks embedded in a solid stick. Gross. I just can’t.Schmidt's Stick Deodorant


But plenty of people can & love it.


Have you tried their products? Better Luck? Better attitude? Tell me about it.


Sam’s Natural Cedar Deo

To mourn the disappointment of my Schmidt’s experiences, I turned to Sam.

Fast Facts:  

How We Met: Online. recommended this product…alongside Schmidt’s. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Variety: Obviously, I’m a cedar junkie, but if smelling like a tree for a good two hours (the scent fades after that but the protection lasted all day for me) isn’t your jam, there are 17 other scents (including unscented) to satisfy anyone. Plus, if you look at their website, they have everything from beard oil to candles so you can look to the brand for a multitude of health and beauty items.

Other Pros: I love the smell, it hasn’t chunked like a cottage-cheese stick, it only takes 2-3 swipes for effectiveness (any more would be excessive), the website is easy to maneuver through, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee (around $10), it’s not chalky, and it travels well.

I’m totally into it so far…I’ll let you know if things change.

Tom’s of Maine Fresh Apricot Deodorant

Ahhhhhh; the subtle, light, fresh smell of Tom’s Apricot. Before I met Sam, this was my go-to pit product.

Fast Facts:

How We Met: Who HASN’T met Tom? He’s EVERYWHERE these days. One of the only brands I can find just as easily at CVS as Whole Foods. Accessibility is great! They’ve been in business for over 40-years, so it’s another go-to brand when you have a dozen different health and beauty products to purchase and no time to surf around.

Does it work?: Yes. For me. It is a stick deodorant, but it glides on like a gel. At first, I was applying way too much which made a gelish foamy line squeeze out of my armpits like a rabid dog’s mouth. But once I brought it back to the 2-3 swipe, “less is more” mentality, it was awesome.

Pros: Oh that light, refreshing apricot smell. Not overwhelming, just enough so you can also wear your favorite essential oil (foreshadowing!). When applied sparingly/appropriately, it’s completely invisible. My favorite summertime deodorant for sure.

Favorite Negative Review: “I could tell it wasn’t working because I had to reapply before bed.” I was always under the assumption if you smelled bad before bed…you took a shower. Do people just put on deodorant?? I guess my family just does things differently.

What’s Next?

I’m excited to try any of Primally Pure‘s deodorant line, the charcoal looks particularly interesting. Charcoal is incredible for the body’s detoxification process, as well as disinfecting. So curious how this one sits on the skin, and if it chalks clothing.

What are you dying to try? Do you already have a favorite Cruelty-Free, go-to Deo? Tell me about it!


This post’s prize announcement is one full year of free deodorant!! Meaning you’ll win a Crystal Deodorant Stick…yay! Perfect chance to try one out, or replace your 2017 one.

There will be a stack of prizes at the end of the series, and winners will be drawn on the 31st of January, 2018. I’ll be contacting the winners, (in order of draw), to see which of the prizes they want. So keep entering on every “Best Cruelty-Free Products” post to increase your chances of winning whichever of the items you want!!!

All you have to do is one of four things. If you do all four, you’ll have four entries. 😍🙏🏻🎉

  1. Subscribe to my blog at the bottom right of any page. (Any email un-subscribing before January 31st, 2018, will be disqualified).
  2. …Comment on one of the beauty posts in the comments section. The more comments on different posts, the more times you will be entered! So check in daily. (Only one comment entry, per individual post)
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  4. Take a Selfie! Now this should be easy and fun. Take a selfie with your favorite Cruelty-Free product (doesn’t have to be health/beauty…I had to research the car wash soap I was using to make sure it was cruelty-free. Heads up, A LOT of them aren’t.) So here’s your chance to educate me! I’d love to highlight a product many people don’t know about yet…so if I haven’t heard of it, you get TWO entries per selfie. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@stacymalia7), Facebook (@stacymalia) or Twitter (@stacymalia). One entry, per one person, for every one selfie. The more separate selfies you post, the more entries!!!

Stay tuned and keep entering! It’s so much fun spreading the cruelty-free message…but even more fun when you win!!!

Love, Light and Cruelty-Free Beauty Forever!







  1. I use a Crystal roll on that I really like. When does this giveaway end? I publish a giveaway page every Sunday and I’d love to include yours if I know when they end. Thanks

    1. That would be AMAZING! I’m drawing all the names on the 11th of Jan, and all entries on each Cruelty-Free Beauty post are entered for the entire drawing. For instance, you just got one entry for commenting on this post. (There are three other ways to be entered.) If I draw your name first and you decide you’d rather have the $84, Drunk Elephant skincare basket (“The Littles”), then it’s all yours! All rules, directions, and dates are at the bottom of each post. Good luck and let me know how I can be a part of your giveaway!

    1. I know! Like I said, I REALLY wanted to like them…maybe try another scent, from the two I described, and you’ll have better luck. If you do, please come back and tell me about it! Either way, you’ve been entered to win some Cruelty-Free Beauty Swag! Congrats!

  2. I used to be a hardcore user of natural deodorants until something in my body changed, so now I am back with antiperspirants. As much as I love the idea of using a healthy product, there’s a line I won’t cross.

  3. Enthusiastic sweater checking in! Well, my body is, but I’m not, haha! I’d love to see your tops picks for someone like me!

    1. Haha! I’d do a top picks post for enthusiastic sweaters! And congrats…your comment got you an entry in the entire contest, including all the other swag from the other CF Beauty Posts. Good Luck!

  4. I might need to look in to some of these. I work out a lot = I sweat a lot and I think I always stink. Clearly my deodorant doesn’t work well enough.

  5. Super informative! I tried finding a natural deodorant before but didn’t find anything that worked for me. I see two brands I hadn’t tried yet, might need to give natural deodorants another go.

  6. So, I hate to sound like a natural deodorant debbie downer but I have yet to find one that actually works!! Maybe Im super stinky?? Lol!! Toms I have to apply 3x daily or more if doing something strenuos :/ Which means I have to carry it on me at all times!!

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