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There is no excuse not to do yoga…there are so many different forms, philosophies and modifications. My least favorite, and most asked, question is “But I’m just not flexible! How can I do yoga?” 😕 If you walked into a deli, would you say “But I’m just too hungry, how could I order food?”. We do yoga to increase flexibility, to relax the mind and become nicer people. (It’s a little more in-depth, but that’s a pretty good summation) If you’re nervous about starting your journey in a group class, I suggest a private lesson. I’ve taught many styles of yoga: Vinyasa, Yin-Yang, Bikram, Aqua Yoga, Sychronized Swimming Yoga, Laughing Yoga, Meditation, Chanting, Vibrational Healing, etc…Let’s figure out what’s best for you. I love leading retreats, wedding/bachelor party sessions, rooftop yoga, vino and vinyasa, singles mingles…honestly, the options are endless. Privates are also great way to fine tune a practice, work on specific postures and get the assists most of us love and crave in class. Except this time, all hands are on you!!! Lucky.

Currently, I’m on the American West Coast, and I am most frequently found in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego. A huge part of my training comes from New York City and San Francisco, so I love getting back to those locales as well. No location is out of the realm of possibility, so let’s talk!!

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