Albee Runnin' For the Train


This is a self portrait of me in New York City.

Ok, it’s not really me. This is Albee and his life focus is to find cupcakes.

I was wandering around a craft fair in Union Square when I discovered the works of Kenny and Jenifer Kudulis. I took one look at Albee and thought, “hey, when did they take that picture of me?” I always felt the way Albee looks…like a little purple, out of my element, monster trying to make her way in the big city. I own this hand-rolled print, and hang it next to my bed. It reminds me of my time in New York…and how grateful I am that I don’t have to take the fricken subway anymore.

New York City is truly one of the greatest, if not THE greatest city in the world. It was the hardest and most rewarding school of my life…a part of me wishes I had saved my college tuition and went straight there. I not only learned how to survive on my own but that I COULD survive on my own, under the most stressful of circumstances. New York will show you all the things you need to work on, and push you to actually work on them. And New York does not make it easy. But when you get it right, and find your way, New York will reward you beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m a West Coast beach girl at heart, but I’m grateful I took seven years to live in New York. I wish every American could live on both coasts, there is much to be said about the diversity and strength of character that offers. You learn to rejoice and celebrate every aspect of your inner Albee! Unless you’re a diabetic, then maybe you should celebrate your inner Moxie. She’s a bit more health conscious.

Take it from Albee and me, there is nothing wrong with standing out in a crowd. (Or subway station) In fact, be PROUD when you stand out from the crowd. It’s when you turn into a black, white and gray background player that you should worry. Be kind, have fun, travel all over and make strong choices. You’ll be a better monster for it. 💜

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