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Memobottle, Bacon and Puppies

Memobottle was started by two hot Australian dudes from Melbourne, who recognize that we need less plastic, single use bottles clogging up our landfills and more convenient, innovative ways to carry hydration. Their A6 slim design (Dimensions: 195mm x 112mm x 30mm and a fill capacity of 375ml/13fl) just won the Australian Good Design Award for Products; Household, Fashion, and Objects/2017. Good on ya mates.

I’d first noticed Memobottle, the A5 , during one of my yoga teacher trainings. I should re-phrase that. In the midst of what was surely a pivotal lecture in my yoga career, my teacher stopped mid-sentence and pointed at the sleek BPA free plastic attention grabber. “That is the coolest water bottle I’ve ever seen”, he exclaimed. In which my friend acknowledged her stellar fashion sense and class continued. My inner only child instantly perked up, my attention seeking ego was on high alert. What WAS this magical water bottle that had garnered such notice? And just how fast could Amazon ship it to me?

Party Favors

I absolutely love meeting people. I love any reason to get to know someone, what makes them happy, how meeting them will affect my life in a number of ways. Especially as a single, outgoing, straight lady…men.

When I lived in Los Angeles, one of my favorite weekend activities during the summer was buying a bunch of bacon, cruising down to boardwalk beach front properties, checking out who was having a sizable party and walking right into the kitchen to start frying up some bacon. I would like to emphasize that I did not know any of these people. House owners, hosts, guests, etc. But no one really keeps track at these things…it’s like wedding crashing. But with pork products and everyone’s in swim suits. I wouldn’t even bring my own pan…just sift through the logical spots and I was never at a loss. And let me tell you…the second the smell of bacon hits that house and outside patio, at some point or another every single person will wander into the kitchen and ask what’s going on. 75% of them were hot, single surfer guys who stuck around long enough to get my number. I owe much of my LA dating life to that fantastically intelligent and tasty farm animal. I’ve heard they are smarter than dogs…they certainly could give them competition in the matchmaking department.

Date Night!

Which brings me back to Memobottle. This is also the new puppy. I cannot go anywhere without getting asked a bunch of questions about it (NO, it’s not a flask and NO it’s not vodka. Definitely the most common inquiries.) Airports, bars, libraries, swimming pools…if they’re not asking questions, they’re staring at it. I leave mine at home, if for some reason (extremely rare), I’m in a non-conversational mood. But by far the most attention it gets is at the gym. I cannot get through one workout without at least three dudes making comments about it. I always say nice things…I’m dying to sample the full line of Memo-ness so I can say nice things about the other loot too.

Memobottle Review

As aforementioned, it’s completely original and sleek design will garner a TON of attention and conversation. For me, that’s a plus. Being that it’s BPA-Free (Bisphenol-A, an estrogen-imitating chemical), and it saves landfill space, it’s an environmental win as well. It fits SO easily in bags, backpacks, laptop totes and purses, you wonder how no one thought to do this before. I’ve gotten so many of my yoga students to buy one, I really should be inducted into some sort of loyalty program.

Memobottle Caesar's Palace Pool

On the negative side, after a few months, the blue rubber stopper in the cap of the bottle gets loose. If you don’t notice, or forget to push it back up, the bottle will leak all over the contents of your blogging journal that you wrote in purple pen, leaving you with a soggy spiral bound mess that you have to decode if you are to get any content online in a reasonable amount of time. Or whatever. I don’t know your life. I’ve also lost a bottle (my fault) and ordered another one as quickly as possible. It may have been a fake Memobottle, as it split down the middle of the plastic. I emailed customer service and they were kind enough to send another bottle with a forty percent discount. I was definitely pleased with the way they handled the problem.

Final word? I’d give it an B+…if they can fix the annoying stopper problem, so I don’t have to keep repositioning and worrying about it, I’m willing to bump it up to an A. You’re doing the environment a favor, you’ll meet new people, and look cool while hydrating so those are all great reasons to purchase it. And you won’t even have to crash someone’s party with meat products to accomplish all that…unless that’s your thing. In which case, we should totally hang out.




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