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Stacy has made many…many mistakes in her life. MANY. (You ever type a word so much it just looks weird?) She is always amazed that no matter how big they are, you can always begin again. It’s never too late. Unless you are dead…then you probably should’ve started sooner. She is, however, grateful for those mistakes as she has fun writing about them and encouraging other mistake makers to start over again too. A very talented friend of hers drew a picture of the struggle she has had between light and dark, good and evil, angel and demon, green juice and alcohol…we could do this for a while but instead we’ll just post the picture.

Angel Demon Pic
The struggle is sexy! And a bit malnourished. I wish we could time machine it back to a rock album cover in 1986. Artist Credit: Hagan N Schenck


Stacy Malia Marie is a yoga teacher, writer, cheerleader, gypsy, and lover of all things healthy and high vibrational. Stacy’s lived all over the world, but her heart has always resided inside a tiny home on a sunny beach. Stacy would like to adopt all the dogs from every shelter and thinks you should help her, or at the very least, take the cruelty-free pledge with her. She has a Bikram Yoga Certification from the fall of 2009 and is a registered 200 Hour Experienced Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance.

She loves her parents SO, SO much…so much that she always thought she’d have to wait until her father passed away to be completely honest about the true stories she wanted to tell. Luckily, they’ve reached a happy medium and thought it best to leave last names out of it. Now they can go on being proud of her. She assumes.


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